Wings of Fire: Fan tribes Wiki

Made by: TheEggy (previously Circe the AnimusWing)


  • AnimusWings
  • MistWings
  • IllusionWings
  • SpeedWings (coming soon)
  • InfernoWings (coming soon)


  • 3 days flight from Illusio Isle Ruins
  • 1 month flight to Pyrrhia
  • 1 ½ month flight to Pantala

Regions and Territories

  • The Mountains - SpeedWings
  • The Dense Forest - MistWings
  • The Plains - IllusionWings
  • The Coast - AnimusWings
  • The Volcano and Lava Wasteland - InfernoWings

When the Tribes Arrived

  1. First, the AnimusWings were banished here by a Pyrrhian Animus.
  2. Then, the IllusionWings fled here after there small island was desroyed.
  3. After that, the MistWings came to Anifor, hoping to find a better home than the Poison Jungle.
  4. Next, the SpeedWings suddenly appeared, and no dragon really knows why.
  5. Finally, the children of Crimson (SkyWing animus) and Fennec (SandWing royal guard) who possesed extremely powerful animus magic came to Anifor to make sure the AnimusWings would never come back to Pyrrhia (learn more in my story: Legend of the AnimusWings). To keep watch on them forever, they used their magic to turn themselves into InfernoWings, and steadily became an intire new functioning tribe on Anifor.