Wings of Fire: Fan tribes Wiki

Created by: Moonlight the MysticWing

Quotes: "They will think Fluff is the best flyer in the whole world! Then they be jelly of me and ask me for apples!"

Fluff the MysticWing is a 3 year old dragonet. She is very sweet and cheery.


Fluff is small and unusually blue. She has multiple white spots on her wings and her color ranges from dark blue to light blue. She has sapphire blue eyes and fluffy feathers. Fluff, however, has different qualities. She has two feathers on her head and a few on her tail. Fluff also has small ears, unlike the other MysticWings .


Fluff can mind-control anytime she wants. Fluff can also change color to her surroundings, not disappear. She can breathe blue fire, like others. Fluff, however, can glow like a LightWing


She is very playful and cheery. Fluff is also quite loyal to her sister, Moonlight. Fluff also hates meat, she prefers apples and fruits. Fluff gets sad when a animal is hunted and killed. 


Her family is Moonlight and Snowfrost. However, her friend is Princess Starfire, and secretly, Amethyst. She has a pet Ice Wolf as well. 


-Fluff is named after her personality, she is kind and gentle.

-Fluff is unique compared to others and shares the animal lover personality as the founder.

-She is the first dragonet to be unique in "Rise of the MysticWings".