Wings of Fire: Fan tribes Wiki

Mini-Bio: Lightning is a Southern StormWing Prince and is an unusually fast flyer, which is where he got his name, lightning.

Description: Lightning has metallic light blue scales. Unlike most of his tribe, he can summon storms at will. He also has small control over the wind itself. His horns are shaped like lightning bolts, while most of his tribes aren't.

Personality: Lightning is unusually Bold. He is extremely clever and can talk his way out of almost anything. Most say he sounds hostile when first met, but once he gets to know them he is very considerate. He is very loyal to his tribe and Family, but if you lose his trust its most likely you will never have it again. He is a very skilled hunter and fighter, and is well liked by his tribe.


Father: Monsoon

Mother: Tornado


Aunt: Queen Cloud

Cousin: Aerial

An image of Lightning