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Created By: Shard[Mystic]


StormWings are medium sized with a light build and large wings(Larger than a SkyWings) with whitish gray lightning patterns inside of them. Their horns are jagged like lightning bolts and act as lightning rods. They have spikes that run down their backs from their heads that can fold against their backs when not in use, as well as two larger ones on their necks that helps them channel lightning to their mouths when they are about to blast lightning. When blasting out lighting, irritated, or to show off, lighting will channel from their horns and the two large spikes on their neck and down their spikes to their tail. Their eggs are a stormy grey with whitish gray streaks like lightning.


StormWings are faster than SkyWings due to the difference in weight and wing size, giving them an advantage in aerial battles. Plus they can fly longer distances than their hotheaded counterparts. However, this gives them a disadvantage when fighting on the ground, since their large wings slow them down and often get in the way. Their wings also drag them down when they swim.

They can shoot out lightning from their mouths, which is channeled through their spikes. They also have slight control over the wind so they can fly through storms and strong currents. Some have been rumored to have control over storms. They can conjure storms and make them disappear as if they had never been there in the first place.

Animus?: Unknown


Queen: Queen Hurricane

King: King Thunder

Royals: Prince Jolt


Player-Made Oc's

Shard[Mystic]: Jolt


Drawings Coming Soon(Im Drawing Them Lol)