Wings of Fire: Fan tribes Wiki


PlantWings come from the Tree of Life.  The fall as seedlings from the great tree.  The seeds grow for a few weeks then when big enough, bursts open allowing baby dragonets to issue forth.  Usually around seven come out.


PlantWings are green and majestic.  They have elegant features and large wings.


PlantWings can heal. The strongest ones can heal old age.


PlantWings live on the continent Parthia. There they are peacefully ruled by Queen Tree who has been alive for 200 years.


Queen Tree

King Fern

Princess Vine

Tribe Legends

There was once a dragonet of great power.  He healed the sick with a glance and made plantlings grow just by thinking it.  He controlled all plants.  He was a god among PlantWings.  The queen was scared.  She made a plot to kill him so none would appose her.  She made a pact with the DeathWings.  "Kill him and you shall be rewarded with territory," she said.  The DeathWings.  Went to his hut and tried to kill him.  But he escaped and swore revenge on his queen.  


PlantWings are a loyal and kind-hearted kind of dragon.  They love giving hugs and bringing peace and harmony.