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Not to be confused with Supernatural

Created by: Moonlight the MysticWing

Queen Supernatural is a MysticWing who is the queen.


She is a thin female queen that is white with black flecks across her wings. Queen Supernatural also has a bracelet patterned black flecks (like Fatespeaker) on all four of her legs. Queen Supernatural has emer

Queen Mystic

ald green eyes.


She is kind and a very good queen. However, she likes to teach her "enemies" a "lesson". Queen Supernatural personality is also sarcastic, she is sometimes sarcastic but she makes other dragons laugh. So, her personality is funny.


She has a daughter named Princess Starfire. But, currently, no son. 

More flying soon!


-She is named after her own tribe

-Her wings are similar to a NightWings' silver scales, except they are spots and are on both sides.

-Queen Supernatural is sarcastic like Glory and has a small tail feather(not extremely small)