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The Map Of Talba(Created By: Shard)

Talba is the home to the various TalonWings, the hardy CragWings, the swift Northern StormWings, and the nomadic EarthWings

Talba is North of Pyrrhia. It would take 8 hours to fly there from Pyrrhia. It is shaped like a talon(more info later)


A Map Showing The Territories(Created By: Shard)

Light Gray: CragWings

White: TalonWings

Blue: Northern StormWings

Reddish-Orange: ???


-Glittering Lake


  • The word Talba is the words Talon and Banished mixed together
    • So the name means "Banished Talons", a hint to how the tribes living on it were banished from Pyrrhia
      • The only tribe that wasn't banished is the EarthWings, who washed up on shore after their home was destroyed by a volcano
  • EarthWings have no territory because they constantly travel around