Wings of Fire: Fan tribes Wiki

Created By: Quetzalcoatl The RainWing

Quetzalcoatl, God.png

DESCRIPTION: Large snake like bodies, covered in colorful feathers, have wings and large tail feathers.

HABITATS: They like to live in rainforests and tropical areas.

APPETITES: Prefer to eat mangoes, bananas, figs, and corn, but will resort to meat should their hunger cloud their judgement.

BEHAVIOR: Are naturally good and like to help those in trouble, but will be wrathful if one of their kind is killed. They hate evil creatures and will do anything to rid them from their territories.

ABILITIES: These creatures are quite peaceful and won't attack at first site, but when provoked, they can bite with a mouth full of teeth, but it isn't venomous. They can also constrict their opponents and they have a poisonous breath. Theses methods are mostly for self defense as they normally don't hunt other creatures.