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I'm just your average teenage furry with minor autism, nothing special ;P

I love creating chars, stories, drawing, playing games(Cereal Soup is a fav), anything creative really!!

My Favorite Emoji In The Chat Is (Dance)

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Cereal Soup

Ark: Survival Evolved

Pyrrhia and Pantala(Duh)

Jurassic Park

The Isle


That Should Be It...

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Jolt the StormWing(Roleplaying)

Character Boxes

My WOF Characters: Misfits

Gender: Male

Tribe: AllWing

Abilities: Breathes Fire and Frostbreath(Makes a clicking noise when switching between the two), Has Venom(Can't Kill, But Hurts and Exposes Flesh), SandWing Barb, Breathe In Water(Gills), Fast Flyer(SkyWing Wings).

Appearance: Looks mostly like an IceWing, with white scales and light blue wings, spikes/horns, and underbelly. He is larger than most other dragons, and his wings are very big, which can be annoying at times. He has a SandWing barb on his tail, with spikes below it protecting the vulnerable part of his tail. His tail is long like a RainWings.


Personality: Mystic is quiet, keeping most things to himself. He is gentle, and only fights if provoked, fighting fiercely. He sleeps a lot due to a disorder he has that makes him only able to stay awake for 20-30 mins at a time, making him appear lazy. Using his abilities tires him out faster. He is also very intelligent.

Others: Is viewed as a leader by others for his intelligence and ability to stay strict no matter what the situation.

Gender: Female

Age: 4

Tribe(s): SeaWing/NightWing Hybrid

Abilities: Mind Reading, Breathe In Water(Has Gills), Strong Tail and Lights(Like other SeaWings), Shapeshifting, Animus

Appearance: Build is just like a SeaWing. Black scales from the tip of her wings to her chest that fades to a darkish violet. The violet fades to a dark blue at her legs, then a light blue like other SeaWings. Her wings have "stars" like NightWings, and her eyes are the same dark blue as her legs, with the silver teardrop by them.
File:Nova-Temp Base.jpeg


She is a bit smaller than most SeaWings for an unknown reason. She wears a small black rope with a glittering sapphire tied at the end.

Personality: A very kind and considerate dragon, can be energetic. She is very optimistic, and always tries to cheer up her friends. She does not like fighting AT ALL. She LOVES scavengers and enjoys following them around or trying to play with them. She has no clue that she is an animus or that she can shapeshift, but does have an idea that she can read minds, and tries her best not to be nosy and will drown others thoughts out.

Parents(If Any):

Mother: Coral(Not Queen Coral)

Father: ShapeShifter NightWing(Not The Other ShapeShifter... I Made These Characters A LONG Time Ago)

Gender: Female

Tribe: SkyWing

Age: 3

Description: Orange scales with bright yellow veins on her wings, side, and tail that glow and smoke. Has gold underscales and bright blue eyes. Has amber-ish horns and talons.

History: Kindle was born with her twin, Finch, who sadly died a few days later from a sickness. Her parents abandoned her and she lived alone. She would give up almost anything to get rid of her firescales and to have her brother back.

Personality: Shy, alone, caring

Other: Firescales

Gender: Male

Tribe: IceWing

Age: 5

Description: WIP

History: WIP

Personality: WIP

Other: Frostscales

My WOF Characters: Normal

Gender: Female

Age: 8

Tribe: IceWing

Appearance: Light blue scales with white underscales and spikes. Pitch black eyes with a white pupil. Wears a silver chain necklace.

Personality: Very cold to others. Prefers to be alone. Skilled fighter.

Power(s): Normal IceWing Powers

Other: Open For Shipping, First Character Ever Made By Me