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WindWings live on the continent Simbadian. 


They are dragons without wings that can float. WindWings have a long body with their scale colors being: white, light blue, and silver. WindWings have feather like spikes from their heads to their tails, their tails having three tail feathers. WindWings eyes can be many colors and their pupils are slits like ShadowWings. WindWings do not have legs, that's why they have a long thin body, that can squeeze their prey or enemy to death.

WindWing base


WindWings have wind powers. They can blow big gusts of wind from their jaws. WindWings are also very quick, faster than SkyWings. WindWings can "ride the wind", which means they can glide for a long period of time and the wind will blow them where they want. WindWings are rumored to control tornados or wind.

Known WindWings:

Queen Wind

Princess Silver 

Prince Gust

King Blow


Tornado the WindWing